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Photo Gallery – LFA at Malhuer Wildlife Refuge January 2016

Photo Gallery – LFA In Harney County January 19, 2016

Photo Gallery – MDA Demonstration December 13, 2015

    Historical Archives

Here, you can view documentation of LFA’s extensive history.  Pick a year and day for a screen capture of historical note.

(Note:  Material from Kit Lange and PatrickHenrySociety.com)


October 12 – “How Self Awareness Can Help You Survive”

October 25 – “Jaylen Fryberg – Portrait of a Shooter”

November 05 – “To the Patriots of Washington State:  A Message About Liberty”

December 06 – “Beware:  Fake Patriot Groups Are About to be Exposed”

December 22 – “The Day The Second American Revolution Began”

December 25 – “Another Christmas Story:  The Battle of Trenton”


January 08 – “Bill Drafted to Repeal 594, But Will WA Gun Rights Groups Back It?”

January 09 – “Source – Adina Hicks Knew About Bill to Repeal I-594, Said Nothing”

January 13 – “Compromise And Cowardice:WAFLAG Drafts Letter to Legislators…”

January 16 – “The Day Patriots Took the WA State Capitol”

January 17 – “The Myth of WA Gun Rights Groups: Adina Hicks And Alan Gottleib”

January 17 (a) – “The SPLC Is A Hate Group”

January 27 – “Why the WA State Gun Rights Fight Is YOUR Fight”

January 31 – “To the Citizens of WA State and Their Countrymen”

February 02 – “Gun Owners Prepare for Arrest at WA State Capitol”

February 06 – “To The Governor of WA: A List of Grievances By We The People”

February 08 – “Freedom Knocks: Armed WA Patriots Deliver a Message…”

February 26 – “Feds Attempt to Derail Liberty Movement in WA State…”

February 26 (a) – “Tactical Supply Signs On as a Sponsor of Arms Expo 2015”

March 02 – “To the Keyboard Warriors and Facebook Commandos of WA State”

March 05 – “Why Patriots MUST Stand Tomorrow in Spokane”

March 09 – “To the WA State Governor From Liberty For All”

March 11 – “Bosworth Arrest: Federal Judge Could Be Charged Under The Law”

March 15 – “Open Letter to the Sheriffs of Washington State”

March 23 – “Anti-Gunners Fail to Understand That We Will Not Comply”

March 24 – “Colorado:  Open Carry Banned at Aurora City Council Meetings”

April 02 – “Musings of an LFA III% Member”

June 04 – “Heroism Over Patriotism”

June 17 – “The Coming Conflict, Arms Expo, and the Anthony Bosworth Case”

June 18 – “Reflections on the Patriot Tribe”

June 24 – “Five Myths About INFOSEC and OPSEC”


January 22 – “An Open Letter to the Washington State Patrol”