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Press Release – Joe Robertson

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Liberty For All condemns the harassment and mistreatment of 77-year old disabled Montana veteran by multiple unconstitutional federal agencies for properly-permitted construction of stock pond on his private property.

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(above photo courtesy Redoubt News)

A decade of harassment by the (unconstitutional) US Forest Service and Environmental Protection Agency culminated in a conviction of the Basin, MT resident, leaving him facing the possibility of prison time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. This will amount to life in prison and forfeiture of his property.

Details on the story may be found in this article.

Liberty For All concurs with impassioned statements made by John Jacob of Radio Free Redoubt made during a brief interview:

“…sentencing a disabled veteran to a life sentence for building a pond on his own property he had a permit for is tyranny of the highest order.”

“USFS Agent gets DUI after injuring two in vehicle accident and gets promoted. Disabled veteran falsely accused by same agent of spilling dirt in a creek and faces 15 years in prison. We need to decide if we’re living in America or the USSR.”

“I’ve personally seen the consultant firm’s study clearly showing Mr. Robertson’s actions did NOT result in any water contamination. Another similar report clearly showed the same results, but was not entered as evidence in support of Mr Robertson. The innocent man faces prison under false pretenses without evidence”

“The governor should be pressed to intercede on Mr. Robertson’s behalf and protect this veteran who protected his nation.  Mr Robertson risked all to protect us.  Now, Mr. Governor, it’s time to return the favor.”

–  John Jacob, Radio Free Redoubt

Audio from Radio Free Redoubt concerning this story at this link.

Kris Anne Hall, constitutional educator, speaker and author, had this to say,  “The only purpose for the creation of the States, as established by the Declaration of Independence, is to secure the Rights of the People.  The only way to secure the Rights of the People is to secure the Sovereignty of the States. If the Governor fails to do this, the State fails in the single purpose for its existence.”

Nevada assemblywoman Shelley Shelton declared, “The highest calling for a Governor is to protect the citizens of the State.”

When asked for her reaction to this developing story, Idaho State Representative Heather Scott had this to say, “Federal overreach in the states is out of control. Hopefully Montana citizens will wake up! Unfortunately they are getting the government they are allowing.”

Cope Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority and co-commander of Liberty For All, expresses his despair of what America has become: “Honest, hard-working American landowners being imprisoned for making improvements to their own land and protecting public land while federal employees and agents needlessly destroy thousands of acres by fire and hundreds of miles of pristine river by releasing toxic chemicals into it. And they wonder why the public no longer trusts them…”

LFA notes that persecution and prosecution of our military veterans by the federal government is certainly nothing new, but is alarmed over the increasing use of federal resources and illegitimate federal regulations to harass everyday American citizens for dubious claims of environmental damages.

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Actions such as these call into question the legitimacy of a government whose sole purpose is to protect the lives, liberties and property of the citizens it is now abusing.


Liberty For All (LFA) is a citizen constitutional task force dedicated primarily to one thing:  pursuing peaceful, constitutionally-sound remedies against government tyranny for individuals or groups who find themselves targeted by heavy-handed government bureaucracy and overreach.

Contact and website information:

www.thesurvivalcircle.com                  www.lfa3.org

www.redoubtnews.com                         www.radiofreeredoubt.com

www.krisannehall.com                          Shelly.Shelton@asm.state.nv.us


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Press Release – LaVoy Finicum


****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

It is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we of Liberty For All observe the death of LaVoy Finicum at the hands of federal law enforcement in the afternoon hours of January 26, 2016.

Although the details are still coming in, corroborating eyewitness accounts are that LaVoy was murdered, unarmed, with his hands in the air by agents of the FBI on US highway 395 approximately 20 miles north of Burns, OR.

To many of us within the LFA organization, LaVoy was loved and respected the same as a cherished family member. We understand that the feelings were mutual. His wisdom and leadership in the cause of human liberty will be sorely missed throughout our organization.

We stand in prayer with LaVoy’s family in their time of loss. LaVoy loved his family which is why he stood in peaceful protest to defend liberty, our constitution, and our land. There are times when words cannot express the sheer magnitude of sorrow and loss that is felt. For us, this is one of those times.

LFA stands steadfast to ensure that LaVoy Finicum’s passing will not be in vain. We resolve to redouble our efforts pursuing the same ends for which LaVoy displayed great courage, and paid the ultimate sacrifice: constitutionally-sound remedies for people who find themselves victims of heavy-handed government action.

In our mission, we will not waver. In our mission we will not pause. In our mission, we will not hesitate.

As a constitutional task force, we take action at the request of elected officials. LFA stands steadfast with the members of the Coalition of Western States, and will take our guidance from them first and foremost.

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Rest In Peace, Patriot


(L to R)  Mike Ladines, LaVoy Finnicum, Eddie Krumpe on site at MWR.
(L to R) Mike Ladines, LaVoy Finnicum, Eddie Krumpe on site at MWR.

On the evening of January 26, a great patriot, good man,  and good friend to many in the LFA organization was gunned down by agents of the federal government.  Our hearts are broken by news of this tragedy and heavy with sorrow.

Our hearts go out to all of his immediate and extended family, all of which will miss him greatly.  May God keep him in peace and strength, always.

All of us at LFA stand with firm resolve.

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Our Paypal Account

Recently, LFA added the paypal feature to our capabilities to enable donations for our common cause of liberty.  We regret that the wrong email address was used and consequently directed any donations to an inactive paypal account.

The good news is that it appears that no funds were deducted from anyones account.  However, any donations made since January 13 were invalid.

We regret this mistake and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Press Release – Seattle MDA Rally

****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

On Sunday, December 13, 2015 members of the constitutional task force, Liberty For All, deployed to Seattle from across the State of Washington.  The deployment was in direct response to the pro-gun-control group Moms Demand Action and their publicly-stated concerns that their demonstration might meet with potential violence from pro Second Amendment groups.

In order to ensure the safety of the group and its anti-Second Amendment rally, our task force selflessly set out to provide a security detail to ensure and protect the members of Moms Demand Action constitutionally-protected right to free speech, even though LFA principally disagrees with the solutions they offer to end gun violence.

As it turns out, the address provided by MDA to the LFA security team was fraudulent.  Instead of the correct venue, the address given was directly across the street from Stroum Jewish Community Center, at precisely the time that parents were arriving to pick children up from services.

The question that must now be asked is this:  was this a cynical attempt by Moms Demand Action to intimidate the Jewish community, or was their intent to mislead the Jewish Community into believing they were being openly threatened by radical Islamists?

In any event, neither of these scenarios played out.  Instead, a healthy and friendly dialogue ensued between the leadership of LFA and several members of the Stroum Center regarding the inherent, constitutionally-protected right to possess firearms.  Within the larger group, LFA found concerned, but supportive members of the Jewish Community.

The entire LFA organization wishes to state very clearly, that we will never resort to such underhanded tactics or deception.  We firmly believe in every citizen’s right to keep and bear arms.  We stand tall and declare, in no uncertain terms, that we will continue our mission to ensure liberty for all.

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Press Release – Hammond’s Ranch and COWS

****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

Liberty For All (LFA) is a citizen constitutional task force dedicated primarily to one thing:  pursuing peaceful, constitutionally-sound remedies against government tyranny for individuals or groups who find themselves targeted by heavy-handed government bureaucracy and overreach.  

Having been advised and briefed on the Hammond situation in southeastern Oregon, LFA leadership has decided to stand with with the Coalition of Western States (COWS) in supporting the Hammonds in their pursuit of justice.

The Coalition of Western States represents over 50 legislators and grassroots leaders predominantly in the Western United States dedicated to ending federal overreach.

LFA condemns in no uncertain terms the menacing and dangerous tactics used by the federal Bureau of Land Management against the Hammond ranch, endangering the Hammond’s neighbors and the nearby town of Frenchglen, Oregon.  The BLM’s actions caused the needless destruction of over 100 head of cattle, as well as thousands of acres of prime Oregon grazing lands.

The federal government has no legitimate claim to public lands outside of those specified in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution.  In any case, they have no right or cause to use the tactics of common thugs to scare or manipulate citizens into submission as they have in this case.  This is inarguable and must be resolved.  To this end, Liberty For All is committed to supporting the Hammonds and the Coalition of Western States.

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Matt Shea on Knezovich

Matt Shea

Sheriff Knezovich just showed his true colors again yesterday afternoon. After months of telling him and the rest of our community about the ISIS/MB threat here in Spokane and him roundly ignoring that threat, downplaying it, meeting with CAIR (a member of the Muslim Brotherhood according to the findings in the Holy Land Foundation Trial), and then implying right wing extremists are a greater threat than ISIS… he is trying to blame me for his own lack of intelligence and preparation by saying “this is exactly why we need the MRAP.”

Folks, this shows his true ignorance and complete incompetence regarding asymmetrical warfare. Armored vehicles (as distinguished from bomb disposal) are the last thing you rely on. Also, he lost another lawsuit (had to settle out) regarding mistreatment of prisoners at the jail.

Once again I call for his resignation.

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Standing Armed for the Unarmed

Calling all LFA patriots and supporters!

Join at Dahl Playfield this coming Sunday, December 13, 2015 as we stand in defense of the freedom of speech.

Moms Demand Action and Everytown.org are holding a rally in observance of the third anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

Both organizations make it clear that they advocate for much stricter gun control measures than those already in place that failed to stop both Sandy Hook and the recent radical Islam inspired shootings in San Bernardino, CA.

While LFA may oppose the solutions proposed by these groups, we adamantly defend their right to speak their mind on the subject.

Since their main concern is that of gun violence, we intend to provide security for their rally to ensure that any person or persons desiring to do harm will not have that chance.

Please join us at noon December 13 at Dahl Park in Seattle, WA.

Link to our facebook event.

LFA – Washington press release:

******** PRESS RELEASE **********

Everytown For Gun Safety, the movement which, according to their website, promotes “ending gun violence and building safer communities”, will be holding a march on Sunday, December 13 in Seattle.

As the group has publicly stated that they fear for gun violence from “fanatic pro­gun groups”, the citizen constitutional task force, Liberty For All (LFA), announced its own plans to attend the march in order to to provide “close security detail” for the demonstration and to thwart any threats of violence from interrupting the march.

Anthony Bosworth, an elected board member for LFA ­ Washington, stated that, “We disagree with the solutions that Every Town is seeking to end violence here at home. However, we feel it is more important that their right to speak, no matter how we may feel about it, must be preserved and protected.”

The freedom of speech, even speech we may personally find objectionable, must be preserved.”

“With the numerous incidents of violence being perpetrated by radicalized Muslims recently, we understand and are sympathetic to their concerns about Islamic extremists. We just want them to have a safe event, and are willing to ensure that happens, putting our personal safety at risk, if necessary”, Bosworth went on to say.

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Anthony’s Legal Defense Fund

Fellow patriots, your assistance is needed.

So many of you are familiar with Anthony Bosworth and his stand against tyranny.  He plans on appealing his recent conviction and continuing his stand. All of us within LFA stand with Anthony and support his efforts by rallying around him whenever needed.

Many of us have the heart to continue the stand, but what is really needed now, is financial backing for the Bosworth’s to pay for legal fees, attorney costs, court-ordered fines and travel.  As Washington State Representative Matt Shea recently said:

“Anthony P Bosworth is going to appeal and also needs help paying the fine. If you want to donate (and thank you to the many that already have) to Anthony P Bosworth’s legal fund here is the snail mail address:”
PO BOX 3447
3514 main st
Yakima, WA 98903

Please consider assisting the Bosworths in their continued fight to preserve the rights and, as always, liberty for all.


For liberty.

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Aubrie’s Observations on Her Dad’s Sentencing

Anthony Bosworth’s sentencing was yesterday at 1:30, and by the grace of God he is home today. Before the judge gave his ruling on the sentience he told my father that by law he gets the last word. That he may say whatever he would like and can talk as long as he would like. He told him that my father has his ear.

Anthony said that by law he can not be (in) a federal building with a firearm, And there is no way that he could have known he was (on) the building at the time. That it was (and still) not posted on the plaza that there are no guns allowed. That whenever him and the patriots where at the court building the people inside the where probably safer with them here then they are without them.

He told the judge that the wrong dissension could upset the patriots. That this court may he heading down a dangerous road and that he hopes the judge will see that.

After my dad was done saying his piece the judge told my father that he was an honorable man who served his country and serves is family well, and that he has shown this court nothing but respect. He told him that he was a man that stood on principle and that every time he and the patriots stood at the plaza they did so in a nonthreatening way and safely.

The judge said that it would not matter if he gave Anthony a one dollar fine or a million dollar fine, nor any amount of time spent would teach a man anything who stands a principle. The judge said that he didn’t even want to rule it as time spent because he didn’t want that on dads record. He gave dad a 250$ fine that he could pay up front or do 25$ a month until it was paid and if he missed a payment there would be no late fees added.

Patriots if you stand on principle and with God what can they do?

God Bless,
Aubrie Bosworth – LFA 3%

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