Judge Declares Mistrial in Bunkerville Standoff

A short time ago, Gloria Navarro, United States District Judge for Las Vegas, declared a mistrial in the ongoing fiasco being perpetrated by the federal Bureau of Land Management against Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, and many of the freedom fighters involved in the standoff at Bunkerville, NV.

As so many of us suspected, federal agents withheld evidence, lied and generally misrepresented its “case” against Bundy and his sons.

Judge Navarro laid out her reasoning for the mistrial over the course of an hour,

US District Judge Gloria Navarro, Nevada
US District Judge Gloria Navarro, Nevada

saying in part that, “the evidence that was withheld could have been favorable to the accused and could have affected the outcome of the case.”

Prosecutors have long maintained the FBI was not involved in the standoff and that no video surveillance or sniper teams were used.

(L to R) - Ryan, Cliven and Ammon Bundy
(L to R) – Ryan, Cliven and Ammon Bundy

We never doubted that it was a lie.

Lying and withholding evidence has seemingly become a favored tactic of law enforcement when dealing with American citizens who are merely standing up for their rights.  LFA reminds everyone that an FBI agent was charged with 5 counts of  making false statements in the murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, a close, personal friend of the Bundys, in January, 2016.

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, 1961 - 2016
Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 1961 – 2016

Whether the Bundys could face further court proceedings is unclear, as Navarro stopped short of a mistrial with prejudice.

“The indictment and grand jury testimony is full of lies. Truth has been blocked in previous trials.

“Listen closely – we will try to get you the truth. The truth will set me free and I’m counting on you to help me see that.”

– Ryan Bundy – opening remarks at Bunkerville trial

Another court hearing for the Bundys is scheduled for January.

As you can imagine, reaction to the recent developments has been bold and swift.  LFA contacted Representative Matt Shea – WA for comment:

Washington State Representative, Matt Shea, Spokane
Washington State Representative, Matt Shea, Spokane

“The withheld evidence doesn’t just give reason for a mistrial it demands an investigation by Congress and Secretary Zinke into allegations of widespread misconduct and possible criminal behavior.
“No one is above the law. These bureaucrats are servants of the people not the other way around.  People are innocent until proven guilty, and a sniper rifle is not due process.”

– Washington State Representative Matt Shea, Spokane

As tragic and unnecessary as this entire chapter in their lives has been, LFA would like to personally congratulate the Bundys in their victory over a berserk, tyrannical bureaucracy, and thank them for their steadfast stand for liberty for all.

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ANTIFA – Loudmouth Lip Service and Dirty Deeds

With Monday’s breaking news of the horrific derailment of a passenger-carrying Amtrak train near DuPont, Washington LFA thought the timing would be right to remind our readers of recent dirty deeds carried out by the ANTIFA movement in and around the nation’s rail system.

We believe that these actions serve to highlight the callous disregard and danger that anarchist groups represent to the safety of the traveling public.

amtrak derailedWe are certain that the loudmouth promoters of ANTIFA’s anti-America hatred would prefer you simply forgot about their previous dangerous acts of railway sabotage.

While LFA is not blaming anarchist groups for the tragedy over Interstate 5, their own self-promoted acts of sabotage in and around the rails warrant a review.  To be sure, their unsuccessful attempts at rail sabotage are not for lack of trying.

On April 20 of this year, an anonymous post to Puget Sound Anarchist’s website “some anarchists” claimed to have poured concrete on tracks near an Olympia railyard to block the transport of “materials used for fracking.”

Later, a twitter account called “Official Antifa” claimed, “Here we endorse crimes like pouring concrete on train tracks. We also include a how-to video…”  The tweet included a link to the posting on Puget Sound Anarchist’s website.

"Official Antifa's" twitter post promoting the destruction of private property.
“Official Antifa’s” twitter post promoting the destruction of private property.

(Editor’s note:  is mixing aggregate and water together so difficult for the average ANTIFA agitator that an instructional video is necessary?)





Just this month, a twitter from the group “Far Left Watch” posted information from another ANTIFA group claiming that they had successfully attached jumper cables between rails in Nebraska, shorting out communications and train positioning information used to prevent rail disasters.

Twitter post from the group "Far Left Watch"
Twitter post from the group “Far Left Watch”

Thankfully, while no known injuries or damage were inflicted as a result of this incident, it again highlights the lengths to which ANTIFA and far left anarchist groups will go to cause large amounts of damage, with the potential for loss of life on a large scale.

“This action and actions like it are quite easy to do yourself. This only took a few hours and a little bit of planning. The hardest part was calming our nerves. Particularly easy was placing wire on the tracks to send a signal to the train company that the tracks were blocked. This action can and has been easily repeated wherever train tracks are.
“Concrete on the tracks is just a start”

-some anarchists

(Originally posted on Puget Sound Anarchists web page)

We would note here that immediately following the Amtrak derailment in DuPont, Puget Sound Anarchists removed both posts from their website.  In addition, far left blogs everywhere started a frenzied campaign to minimize the damage that was being done in the court of public opinion.  It seems when your calling card is mayhem and destruction, “there’s no such thing as bad PR” suddenly doesn’t apply?

Judy Boyle - State Rep. for Idaho's 9th
Judy Boyle – State Rep. for Idaho’s 9th

“ANTIFA and similar anarchist groups fit the definition of domestic terrorists who use destructive tactics, with total disregard for human life, to terrorize the public into submitting to their evil schemes. The 1996 Antiterrorism Act, passed after The Oklahoma City bombing, has penalties of a five year minimum and a maximum of death. Little wonder the anarchists removed their railway sabotage postings after the Olympia, Washington tragedy.”

– Judy Boyle, State Representative, Idaho, via phone with Anthony Bosworth – LFA Command

All Americans will do well to remember these actions and the callous disregard for human life on display by these anarchist mobs.  They do not represent you.  ANTIFA-types, who promise that “concrete on the tracks is just a start” would do well to heed their own insincere, loudly-spoken lip service:  “hate has consequences.”

Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants!

– Louis D. Brandeis

LFA will keep shining the light on the dirty deeds of far-left anti-American groups.

LFA stands strong and steadfast against the tyranny of the cowardly, anonymous mob calling itself ANTIFA, and we urge all fellow Americans to do the same.

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Breaking News in Bundy Trial

If you have friends or family who do not understand that hopelessly large, unaccountable government and its agencies do not serve to safeguard our lives, liberties and property, have them watch and understand what Representative Matt Shea is revealing in the following video.

Thank you, Rep. Shea and Redoubt News for exposing yet another consipracy “theory” as conspiracy fact:

“Sniper rifles are not due process!”

– Washington State Representative Matt Shea, Spokane

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Leftist Violence At Work In The Capitol

This morning the nation woke to the news that violence perpetrated in the name of leftist politics was, again, inflicted against conservative Republican government officials who were busy preparing for a congressional softball game.

mug shot“Democratic” socialist promoter and Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign staffer, James T. Hodgkinson was arrested after firing more than 50 rounds at unarmed representatives from the United States Congress.  He has since died from wounds inflicted from the police response.

sanders statementHodgkins left a trail of expletive-laden hate and ire all over social media, admonishing Republican President Trump for everything from withdrawing unilaterally from the “Paris Accord”, (not to be confused with a treaty), to allegations of treason against the nation, (without a shred of evidence, you see).

LFA believes that, unfortunately, these types of horrific events, perpetrated by left-leaning people and fueled by public approval of violent behavior will become ever more commonplace.

That is, until the perpetrators of unchecked leftist ideology are held accountable for their actions.

AGRIFFINTRUMPMost recently, D-list comedic hack and host of CNN’s New Years Eve specials, Kathy griffin posed for a well-publicized picture holding a gruesome visage of Donald Trump’s disembodied head.  As a reminder, threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony, not protected free speech, under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.  It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

Griffin then went on to blame the president for her failed career, highlighting the complete disconnect from reality that many leftists face.

While we are not sure of the progress of the secret service probe into her display, we do imagine the service has placed a little more emphasis on conducting the investigation and coming to a resolution in light of today’s events.

…threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony, not protected free speech, under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.  It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

trump-play246You may also recall New York’s Shakespeare In the Park, the troupe recently portrayed President Trump as Julius Ceaser, being graphically assassinated to an adoring audience.  (Apparently the advertisers weren’t so adoring, as many of them pulled their funding shortly after the scene was made public.)

Not wanting to play second fiddle to the “entertainment industrial complex”, the far left in academia are also chiming in with their violence-inspiring hate speech.

mcpherTake the case of Spokane, Washington’s Whitworth University Communications professor, James McPherson who recently tweeted that you could make the case for self-defense if you gunned down members of the GOP who voted to repeal Obamacare.  This must be what passes for sound reasoning from the “most educated” among us.  We wonder how he feels about his sentiment this morning?

hodgkinson tweetLeftists nationwide appear to be going on a rampage, feeling completely vindicated in portraying the grisly deaths of people who have committed the unforgivable sin of <gasp> not agreeing with their view of “democratic socialism” being the be-all, end-all answer to all our problems.  Apparently, they are justified in so doing, as thus far, nobody has been held criminally accountable for their actions.  All the while, they cry for the disarming of average Americans and accuse the right of perpetrating gross violence.

Liberty For All takes threats of leftist violence extraordinarily seriously.  We pledge to stand against violence, real or threatened, against our public servants. We also encourage others to recognize at face value the threats to our republic and American way of life that these threats represent and ask that you commit to standing along with us in saying “We will not allow you to undermine our American way of life!”

We stand.




This article formatted and submitted by Mike Richards, LFA Auxiliary

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PRESS RELEASE – Violence In Virginia

****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

All of us at Liberty For All are saddened by the senseless violence unleashed in our nation’s capital this morning in Alexandria Virginia.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Steve Scalise, Zack Barth and special agents Bailey and Griner and all of their families at this time of tragedy.

While threats of violence and actual violence from the left aimed at our conservative political representatives is nothing new, it is nonetheless shocking, and LFA stands ready to face this and other threats to our legitimately elected officials, day or night.

We have recently seen an increase in the mocking portrayal of grisly deaths of conservative representatives, and condemn each of them in no uncertain terms. We believe without reservation, that these events positively do inspire and contribute to these events.  Many will defend these actions calling them “satirical” or “good natured fun”.

mcpherIn addition, provocative comments such as this one from college professors such as Whitworth University’s James McPherson also serve to incite truly violent reactions on the part of leftist-inspired lunatics.  His recent tweet, calling for ambushing conservative politicians as “self-defense” are way beyond the pale, and not welcomed in polite society.  Why?  Because they serve to inspire events like the one carried out in Alexandra this morning…

Q:  Is attempt to kill GOP Congressman over Obamacare vote self-defense?

– James McPherson, Communications Studies, Whitworth University

And today, we see the gruesome, real-life results of these personal and political attacks.  And make no mistake, they are attacks, as real as the action carried out in Virginia this morning.

This event highlights the absolute essential nature of arming oneself to protect family, friends and even strangers in the face of shockingly senseless, violent behavior from unhinged leftists, or wherever it originates.

LFA stands for the liberty of all citizens regardless of race, and we ask that you stand with us.




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Two Peas In A Pod: SPLC And The Antifa Movement

Some of you may have asked yourselves recently, “how did the antifa movement, so new on the scene, become so well organized and well-funded, seemingly overnight?”

The answer to that question is not new, and has already been well documented elsewhere on the internet.  Connecting the dots between the SPLC and antifa movement is as easy as following the trail of money and personnel common to both organizations.

For instance, this article from resistance.org, highlights the 2013 hiring of a well-known antifa communist gang member, Matthew “Matty” O’Dea to the ranks of the SPLC.  Apparently, needlessly disparaging the intentions and work of groups who love and appreciate the principles which this country was founded, as well as fomenting violence in the streets, is a valid resume point for the SPLC.

In addition to adding known communist sympathizing, former antifa members to the payrolls, in the past, the SPLC has, in fact praised the antifa derivative group, ARA as “a constructive force”, has proffered its support on their website, as well as linking to ARA’s web presence.

As the article linked in the previous paragraph notes, “You would think the SPLC would refrain from romanticizing serious criminal violence.”  Certainly, for a group that wants you to view them as a national force for good intentions, and, as SPLC puts it:  “seeking justice for the most vulnerable people in society” it would be in the best interests of their fund raising efforts.

The dirty little SPLC secret is that they are all too happy with chaos in the streets, as long as they can make a cynical buck while promoting it through their associate groups.

SPLC's "Poor Palace". Mongomery, AL. Being a SJW is nice work if you can find it.
SPLC’s “Poor Palace”. Mongomery, AL. Being a SJW is nice work if you can find it.

As an illustration, one need look no further than SPLC’s “world headquarters in Montgomery, AL.  Its been derisively called the Poor Palace, a high-rise trailer, and a small-scale Death Star. One thing is for sure:  SPLC bilked a lot of funds out of well-meaning SJWs to build it.

Then, there is the compensation for SPLC’s highest-paid executives.  Take SPLC’s founder, Morris Dees.  According to the nonprofit guidestar.org, Dees takes home compensation worth $365,000.

Again, maybe we at LFA are in the wrong line of work.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has worked tirelessly to eradicate the last vestiges of poverty, Southern or otherwise, in the lifestyle of founder Morris Dees.”

– Blogger Steve Sailor

Morris Dees found out theres much personal profit in selling hate.
Morris Dees found out theres much personal profit in selling hate.

When asked his thoughts on SPLC, Grant County Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer, stated, “SPLC are not what they proclaim to be .  SPLC are nothing about being Southern, have nothing to do with poverty and the law.”

In other words, SPLC isn’t fooling anyone except their zealous SJW donors.

LFA interviewed several well-known champions of the liberty movement to get their take on SPLC and antifa:

“SPLC are not what they proclaim to be .  SPLC are nothing about being Southern, and have nothing to do with poverty or law.”

– Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer

SPLC is simply another leftist, radical group distorting truth in an effort to confuse Americans. They praise groups who are violent, and then attack those who promote the American values of Faith, Freedom and Family.
– Judy Boyle, Idaho State Representative District 9
The SPLC and ANTIFA are likely bedfellows and diametrically opposed to everything that LFA stands for.  With a purported mission to expose “anti-government” and “hate” groups, they, themselves, display hate and injustice to groups like LFA who’s mission is help ensure that all mankind is treated fairly and expose the tyrants that run roughshod over us.

LFA will stand and we will not comply!

– Cope Reynolds, LFA Southern Commander

As you can see, SPLC’s fundraising arm, combined with the street muscle of antifa gangs makes for a high-profile combination.  Motivated by their common anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-“anything western” ideologies, you must agree that SPLC and antifa are, indeed, two peas in the same America-hating, bolshevik-inspired pod.




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Antifa And Their War on Liberty

In news that’s sure to make the “duh” file of those of us who cherish personal liberty, America’s Union of States is facing an existential threat.  That’s right, patriots, the same social movements that have relegated other nations to the dustbin of history have once again reared their ugly heads, right here at home.

And they mean to impact the way you live, work and raise your family, with or without your consent.



The enemies of all that America was founded on and founded for are organizing. They are emboldened, being fed a steady diet of misinformation and outright lies from diabolical actors who operate from behind the scenes.  The misinformation is purposefully designed to agitate and instigate the “information-resistant revolutionaries” who have little or no historical perspective, and even fewer morals, to violent radical action. They seek to undermine and destroy the work of the founders of this great union, and those who voluntarily shed their own blood to first found it, and then defend it.

As LFA has been saying for some time, now, the lines have been drawn.  Sides have been, and are being chosen right now.  Blood has already been shed in the battle between the forces of darkness, and those who instead follow the light.

There is no mistaking it, the antifa movement means to have their way.  They do so by impugning and maligning those who defend our common western values and ancient Truths, by labeling them as fascists.  (Whether or not the description is accurate is completely irrelevant to antifas.)  In their ignorance, the label validates and even necessitates action, violent action if need be, against those with whom they disagree.

What happens when you, or someone you love, is labeled a fascist?
What happens when you, or someone you love, is labeled a fascist?

It’s ironic that exactly one century ago, in 1917, between the February Revolution and the October Revolution, the Bolshevik revolutionaries organized, plotted and made their plans to destroy and completely remake Russian society into what for 70 years was known as the Soviet Socialist Republic, resulting in countless millions of dissenters dead, exiled or imprisoned for years and sometimes decades.

It is our belief that the antifas are similarly motivated and only just beginning to truly organize.  If they don’t get their way, history has shown what follows: violence, panic, fear, public pleas for order, and finally, a nightmarish police state.

History smiles upon those who take it upon themselves to defend liberty.  It is up to us to defend and preserve for future generations that which we recognize as the good, the true, and the beautiful.  Your children, grandchildren and their progeny are counting on you.

Once lost, liberty can only be reclaimed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

For those of you who have already engaged in the struggle against antifa’s violent means and tyrannical motives, keep up the good fight.  But be ready and ever vigilant as the rules of engagement are constantly changing and the objectives are constantly in motion.  Don’t get caught off guard.  The sacrifices you have made answering the age-old call of human liberty will forever be recognized by the coming generations.  Now is not the time to rest.

Liberty, far more than security and safety must be the foremost objective of true American Patriots.  “Eyes on the prize”.


For many others, who have seen the writing on the wall but have not yet acted because the job just seems too complex or overwhelming, please join us in our fight to defend our most precious gift:  individual human liberties.

The liberty to worship as we wish.

The liberty to preserve our deeply-held truths.

The liberty to retain the fruits of our labors.

The liberty to simply be left alone.

Follow LFA on facebook, check our webpage for events and future deployments.

Join us and support LFA wherever and whenever you can.




This article formatted and submitted by Mike Richards, LFA Auxiliary

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Important Message From Jeanette Finicum

I am on my way to Washington DC for our 6 month Anniversary Rally for the Death of my husband Lavoy Finicum. If you are unable to come please rally in your own areas.

We must not let the Government silence us, we must press forward, teaching and educating others of the plight of the American West, of the loss of our liberties throughout this Great land.  Joe Robertson is the newest casualty, Imprisoned for having a pond of water on his own private land.

Please be a voice, take a stand, stand peacefully for the restoration of our lost liberties!!!  Please “take courage, have faith, God is in charge.”

God Bless you,

Jeanette Finicum

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The Writing on the Wall

To all American patriots:

By now, the transparent manipulation of the population by those in power and those in corporate media is abundantly clear for all to see.

LFA is alarmed by the ratcheting effect of violence in our nation, whether it be the assassination of civilians apparently complying with orders by officers from law enforcement, or the cold blooded murder of police by militant political activists.

Yet again, news of national interest is followed closely by the call to disarm law abiding citizens regardless of their political affiliation, background or race.  (I would also point out the fact that, once again, the violence is not associated with anybody in, or even related to, the liberty and patriot movement.)

At times like these, it is often difficult to control our personal biases and give in to emotional reaction to the narrative being presented.  However, it is more important than ever for patriotic Americans to think critically and analyze the events as portrayed, and discard them when they don’t add up.  Most important is to not simply react to events in the media, but to use our heads and contemplate the best response.

The strategy being used against us is as old as it is effective:  divide and conquer. It is very true that a house divided against itself cannot, and will not stand.

Realize that the 24/7 news coverage has the effect of opinion-forming on the majority of people consuming it.  It serves to confuse them so they simply wont trust their own thoughts and instead adopt the false remedies and promises presented as solutions.  When you happen across those people, engage them in dialog where possible and remind them that the real fight is on to preserve liberty and freedoms for all Americans.

This is the only peaceful solution to the alternative of granting yet more control to those in positions of power.  They are the ones who stand to benefit from the chaos being unleashed in our streets.

They want Americans to feel overwhelmed.

They want Americans to feel helpless.

They want Americans to plead with them to solve the problems they created.

At LFA, we stand for the liberty of all Americans, regardless of race, creed or color, even in the face of the obvious and transparent manipulation on display in recent weeks.

We ask for all like-minded patriots to stand steadfast for liberty with us.

Mike Richards
LFA Auxiliary

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Independence Day – by Cope Reynolds

Cope Reynolds is a true patriot in every sense of the word.  He is also LFA’s Southern Commander.

In this day and age, when celebrating our traditions and common heritage have lost meaning for many, he reminds us that they are far more important than popular culture would have us believe.

Do not give in to despair.  Remember to keep the true meaning of this date in your head and heart.  Remind others to do the same, and nothing can prevail against the truth.

The 4th of July is a date. It falls immediately after the 3rd and directly precedes the 5th. In and of itself, it is nothing special.

Independence Day, however,  is a holiday during which we celebrate our Nation’s birth. It is possibly my favorite holiday.

Some suggest that we not celebrate Independence Day any longer because of the state that the Nation is in.

We’re rightfully celebrating a time when men were men and would run away from home and lie about their age to have the opportunity to fight the enemies of freedom.

We’re celebrating a time when being a patriot had real meaning and the government feared the people and not the other way around.

We’re celebrating a time when the “rockets red glare” brought a tear to the eye instead of ooh’s and aah’s and “hand me another beer” while we watch the fireworks.

We celebrate days gone by when Americans were fierce and proud. When we knew what gender we were and were comfortable in the fact that God had not made a mistake in creating us.

Suggesting that we not celebrate Independence Day because control of America has slipped away from us is akin to saying we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas because it has become too commercialized.

I will not dishonor my country by not celebrating the anniversary of her independence any more than I would dishonor my wife by not celebrating our anniversary because she is not 19 anymore. It is not my wife’s fault that she is no longer 19 any more than it is my country’s fault that we no longer have the guts and the drive to take it back.

No, I will celebrate this Independence Day just as I always have. She’s as young and beautiful and pure and worth fighting for as she ever was in spite of my shortcomings… just like my wife.

– Cope Reynolds

(Original Redoubt News post here.)

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