PRESS RELEASE – Know Your Right to Defense!

****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

In Washington State, you have the absolute right to self-defense against domestic terrorism.

We don’t back down from tyranny or terrorism.

We are not a first strike organization, yet we will stand our ground in defense of our Liberty, our person and our private property.

We will go about our daily lives regardless of the threat from domestic terrorist groups.  Violent attacks on our persons or property will not be tolerated from antifa, black lives matter, black Bloc and the like.

Know your rights.

Know your state and local laws and act accordingly.

Washington state is a stand your ground state.  You are not obligated to retreat when threatened.  You have an absolute right of self-defense wherever you’re at. You do not have to tolerate an assault on your person that could be life threatening.

Washington’s Stand Your Ground laws provide solid protection against harm and liability for law-abiding citizens. If you are being attacked or think you’re about to be attacked, you have the legal authority to protect yourself. Also, while some states require that you retreat if you think you’re about to be harmed, Washington doesn’t mandate retreat. If someone maliciously approaches you or your home, you do not have to try to escape first. You can stand your ground and defend yourself, your family and your home. If you injure or kill the attacker and are arrested, you can use self-defense as your defense.

-Daryl Graves Law, PLLC  Tacoma, Washington

As always carry everywhere you go, and maintain situational awareness.

Always be prepared to defend yourself.  Be prepared to assist law enforcement if the need arises. defend the members of the public.  Be prepared to assist and defend First Responders.

In Washington state if you were attacked by a group of people physically you have the absolute right to use deadly force in self-defense.  You have the right to use deadly force to protect the public infrastructure.  You have the absolute right to use escalated deadly force to detain a felon caught in the act of a crime that could endanger the public.  If a violent mob uses pepper spray to overpower you and you feel your life is in danger, you have the right to use deadly force in self-defense.  If any domestic terrorist group attempts to assault you with a baseball bat, a chain and knife bicycle lock, in Washington State you have an absolute right to defend yourself with deadly force to prevent bodily harm.

Please Read:  RCW 9A.16.110 (1)

(1) No person in the state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for protecting by any reasonable means necessary, himself or herself, his or her family, or his or her real or personal property, or for coming to the aid of another who is in imminent danger of or the victim of assault, robbery, kidnapping, arson, burglary, rape, murder, or any other violent crime

Revised Code of Washington, 9A.16.110

Go about your daily lives and do not be held prisoner by the threats of domestic terrorism.  Keep your head on a swivel and always watch your buddie’s six.

Always be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Anthony Bosworth The Patriot

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Two Peas In A Pod: SPLC And The Antifa Movement

Some of you may have asked yourselves recently, “how did the antifa movement, so new on the scene, become so well organized and well-funded, seemingly overnight?”

The answer to that question is not new, and has already been well documented elsewhere on the internet.  Connecting the dots between the SPLC and antifa movement is as easy as following the trail of money and personnel common to both organizations.

For instance, this article from, highlights the 2013 hiring of a well-known antifa communist gang member, Matthew “Matty” O’Dea to the ranks of the SPLC.  Apparently, needlessly disparaging the intentions and work of groups who love and appreciate the principles which this country was founded, as well as fomenting violence in the streets, is a valid resume point for the SPLC.

In addition to adding known communist sympathizing, former antifa members to the payrolls, in the past, the SPLC has, in fact praised the antifa derivative group, ARA as “a constructive force”, has proffered its support on their website, as well as linking to ARA’s web presence.

As the article linked in the previous paragraph notes, “You would think the SPLC would refrain from romanticizing serious criminal violence.”  Certainly, for a group that wants you to view them as a national force for good intentions, and, as SPLC puts it:  “seeking justice for the most vulnerable people in society” it would be in the best interests of their fund raising efforts.

The dirty little SPLC secret is that they are all too happy with chaos in the streets, as long as they can make a cynical buck while promoting it through their associate groups.

SPLC's "Poor Palace". Mongomery, AL. Being a SJW is nice work if you can find it.
SPLC’s “Poor Palace”. Mongomery, AL. Being a SJW is nice work if you can find it.

As an illustration, one need look no further than SPLC’s “world headquarters in Montgomery, AL.  Its been derisively called the Poor Palace, a high-rise trailer, and a small-scale Death Star. One thing is for sure:  SPLC bilked a lot of funds out of well-meaning SJWs to build it.

Then, there is the compensation for SPLC’s highest-paid executives.  Take SPLC’s founder, Morris Dees.  According to the nonprofit, Dees takes home compensation worth $365,000.

Again, maybe we at LFA are in the wrong line of work.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has worked tirelessly to eradicate the last vestiges of poverty, Southern or otherwise, in the lifestyle of founder Morris Dees.”

– Blogger Steve Sailor

Morris Dees found out theres much personal profit in selling hate.
Morris Dees found out theres much personal profit in selling hate.

When asked his thoughts on SPLC, Grant County Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer, stated, “SPLC are not what they proclaim to be .  SPLC are nothing about being Southern, have nothing to do with poverty and the law.”

In other words, SPLC isn’t fooling anyone except their zealous SJW donors.

LFA interviewed several well-known champions of the liberty movement to get their take on SPLC and antifa:

“SPLC are not what they proclaim to be .  SPLC are nothing about being Southern, and have nothing to do with poverty or law.”

– Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer

SPLC is simply another leftist, radical group distorting truth in an effort to confuse Americans. They praise groups who are violent, and then attack those who promote the American values of Faith, Freedom and Family.
– Judy Boyle, Idaho State Representative District 9
The SPLC and ANTIFA are likely bedfellows and diametrically opposed to everything that LFA stands for.  With a purported mission to expose “anti-government” and “hate” groups, they, themselves, display hate and injustice to groups like LFA who’s mission is help ensure that all mankind is treated fairly and expose the tyrants that run roughshod over us.

LFA will stand and we will not comply!

– Cope Reynolds, LFA Southern Commander

As you can see, SPLC’s fundraising arm, combined with the street muscle of antifa gangs makes for a high-profile combination.  Motivated by their common anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-“anything western” ideologies, you must agree that SPLC and antifa are, indeed, two peas in the same America-hating, bolshevik-inspired pod.

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Antifa And Their War on Liberty

In news that’s sure to make the “duh” file of those of us who cherish personal liberty, America’s Union of States is facing an existential threat.  That’s right, patriots, the same social movements that have relegated other nations to the dustbin of history have once again reared their ugly heads, right here at home.

And they mean to impact the way you live, work and raise your family, with or without your consent.



The enemies of all that America was founded on and founded for are organizing. They are emboldened, being fed a steady diet of misinformation and outright lies from diabolical actors who operate from behind the scenes.  The misinformation is purposefully designed to agitate and instigate the “information-resistant revolutionaries” who have little or no historical perspective, and even fewer morals, to violent radical action. They seek to undermine and destroy the work of the founders of this great union, and those who voluntarily shed their own blood to first found it, and then defend it.

As LFA has been saying for some time, now, the lines have been drawn.  Sides have been, and are being chosen right now.  Blood has already been shed in the battle between the forces of darkness, and those who instead follow the light.

There is no mistaking it, the antifa movement means to have their way.  They do so by impugning and maligning those who defend our common western values and ancient Truths, by labeling them as fascists.  (Whether or not the description is accurate is completely irrelevant to antifas.)  In their ignorance, the label validates and even necessitates action, violent action if need be, against those with whom they disagree.

What happens when you, or someone you love, is labeled a fascist?
What happens when you, or someone you love, is labeled a fascist?

It’s ironic that exactly one century ago, in 1917, between the February Revolution and the October Revolution, the Bolshevik revolutionaries organized, plotted and made their plans to destroy and completely remake Russian society into what for 70 years was known as the Soviet Socialist Republic, resulting in countless millions of dissenters dead, exiled or imprisoned for years and sometimes decades.

It is our belief that the antifas are similarly motivated and only just beginning to truly organize.  If they don’t get their way, history has shown what follows: violence, panic, fear, public pleas for order, and finally, a nightmarish police state.

History smiles upon those who take it upon themselves to defend liberty.  It is up to us to defend and preserve for future generations that which we recognize as the good, the true, and the beautiful.  Your children, grandchildren and their progeny are counting on you.

Once lost, liberty can only be reclaimed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

For those of you who have already engaged in the struggle against antifa’s violent means and tyrannical motives, keep up the good fight.  But be ready and ever vigilant as the rules of engagement are constantly changing and the objectives are constantly in motion.  Don’t get caught off guard.  The sacrifices you have made answering the age-old call of human liberty will forever be recognized by the coming generations.  Now is not the time to rest.

Liberty, far more than security and safety must be the foremost objective of true American Patriots.  “Eyes on the prize”.


For many others, who have seen the writing on the wall but have not yet acted because the job just seems too complex or overwhelming, please join us in our fight to defend our most precious gift:  individual human liberties.

The liberty to worship as we wish.

The liberty to preserve our deeply-held truths.

The liberty to retain the fruits of our labors.

The liberty to simply be left alone.

Follow LFA on facebook, check our webpage for events and future deployments.

Join us and support LFA wherever and whenever you can.

This article formatted and submitted by Mike Richards, LFA Auxiliary

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Press Release – Antifa Flag Bounty

****************          UPDATE         **********************

The bounty on the antifa “we will tread” flag has been raised to $400.00   $500.00 $550.00 to be paid in liberty’s precious metals, gold and silver.

(Check back here frequently for further updates.)

****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

“Patriots! Rise up, join us, and defeat the Bolsheviks!

LFA is proud to announce that we have been joined by Partners in the defense of Liberty.  Jointly we are putting up a bounty for the capture of the antifa “we will tread” flag.

The bounty has been tripled to $350.00.  The bounty will be paid in Liberty’s Precious Metals: gold, and silver.


The Communists said they were coming.  Well, they’re here.  Defeat communism.

Together, we can defeat communism again!

The flag must be verified captured either by patriots or law enforcement.

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Press Release – Kris Anne Hall and Congressman Tim Walberg

****************  PRESS RELEASE  **********************

KrisAnne Hall, standing 7 foot tall for Liberty against a congressman that becomes confrontational.  Because he claims she teaches the truth and not reality!


At a recent speaking engagement featuring constitutional speaker and author KrisAnne Hall, an exchange took place that should shock not just liberty activists, but any person interested in preserving the original meaning and intent of the United States Constitution.

Ms. Hall was speaking at a dinner in Hillsdale, Michigan recently.  In the audience that evening was Congressman Tim Walberg, representative for Michigan’s 7th congressional district.

KrisAnne Hall - Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host
KrisAnne Hall – Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host

Anthony Bosworth, LFA Tactical Commander, interviewed Kris Anne Hall about the exchange by phone shortly after her discussion with the congressman.

“I was teaching my class on state sovereignty.  After the class, Representative Walberg began telling everyone that I was teaching error about government spending”, she began.   “So I asked him what the error was, because I don’t teach my opinion, I teach what James Madison said!”

“He told me that I “…just don’t understand how it works.”  Then, he went on to say that the US Constitution is “an unattainable perfection and not reality.”

Bosworth pressed, “Let me get this straight, he admits Congress violates the constitution because he infers that authority simply because the people voted him into office?”

“Yes, and that they are completely unlimited in their power, because the reality is the constitution is not “how the government really works”, Hall answered.

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 – US Constitution

In a statement to the local press, Ms. Hall said, “Mr. Walberg disagreed with the way the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, describes the duty and obligation of congress over the budget.  When I tried to discuss the matter with him he said the truth of the constitution is not reality and congress can vote anything into law unlimited by the constitution.  This self-proclaimed unfettered power exercised by those bound by the constitution is driving America into an unrecoverable debt spiral and destroying the fundamental principles that created our Constitutional Republic.”

Shockingly unenlightened - Congressman Tim Walberg of Michigan's 7th CD. Official Photo.
Shockingly unenlightened – Congressman Tim Walberg of Michigan’s 7th CD. Official Photo.

“The people are sick of it.”

“Mr. Walberg is evidence that the real problem in America rests with the persistent and unconstitutional acts of congress.   They no longer operate as servants of the people, but consider themselves unlimited masters over all!”  Ms. Hall concluded.

View the exchange between KrisAnne Hall and Congressman Walberg here.

Listen to KrisAnne Hall’s broadcast following the event here.

Bosworth attempted to contact Rep. Walberg’s office for comment on this event. He was told by office staff, “That would be a campaign issue.”  Upon contacting his campaign office, Bosworth was asked for his contact information and told that “…it would be passed along.”  (At the time of this post, Bosworth had yet to hear back from the campaign staff.  We will update our post if and when he is contacted.)

Following the interview, Mr. Bosworth had this to say, “We at LFA are proud to see this true patriot send this vermin scurrying away like a rat.  They need to be confronted at every turn, every time they violate the blueprint of government we call the Constitution.  The words of our founding fathers are not mere opinions that are open to interpretation.  They are historical facts written by men who God so ordained to write them.”

Anthony Bosworth - LFA Tactical Commander
Anthony Bosworth – LFA Tactical Commander

“It’s sad that more Americans don’t recognize cowardice when they see it.”  he concluded.

Because the ramifications of Representative Walberg’s unenlightened attitude are so far-ranging and consequential for all Americans, reactions from high profile public figures across the nation were swift:

Matt Shea - Washington State Representative
Matt Shea – Washington State Representative

Matt Shea, Representative from Washington State’s 4th LD –  “The most dangerous words in the English language are “Well, we’ve always done it this way…”  The status quo of usurped power and cowardly inaction is destroying our country.  It will take all of us, especially at the local level, to put the federal government back into its constitutionally-designed box.  We The People need to become the government again.”

Cope Reynolds - LFA Southern Commander
Cope Reynolds – LFA Southern Commander

Cope Reynolds, LFA Southern Commander, –  “The perceived power that some of those we entrust to represent us assume they have, simply does not exist in our form of government.  The only power they have comes from the consent of the governed, not the other way around!”

Heather Scott - Idaho State Representative
Heather Scott – Idaho State Representative

Heather Scott, Representative for Idaho’s District 1 –  “Congress is out of control and taking their orders from the top down!  Wake up, America!  Start exercising your power to control your elected officials.”

John Jacob - Radio Free Redoubt
John Jacob – Radio Free Redoubt

John Jacob, Radio Free Redoubt –  “One has to ask, when those labeled ‘the most conservative in congress and the legislatures’ argues that the constitution is only theoretical and does not work in the real world, do we even have a republic any longer, and is there any remaining hope of saving her?”

LFA strongly encourages all of our readers to contact Tim Walberg’s office and help inspire him to educate himself on the original intent and meaning of the United States Constitution and reorient himself, the duties of his office, and how it relates to the source of all authority in our government:  We The People.

Washington, D.C. Office
2436 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6276
Fax: (202) 225-6281

Jackson Office
110 1st Street, Suite 2
Jackson, MI 49201
Phone: (517) 780-9075
Fax: (517) 780-9081

Press release written and formatted by Mike Richards, LFA Auxiliary

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Anthony’s Legal Defense Fund

Fellow patriots, your assistance is needed.

So many of you are familiar with Anthony Bosworth and his stand against tyranny.  He plans on appealing his recent conviction and continuing his stand. All of us within LFA stand with Anthony and support his efforts by rallying around him whenever needed.

Many of us have the heart to continue the stand, but what is really needed now, is financial backing for the Bosworth’s to pay for legal fees, attorney costs, court-ordered fines and travel.  As Washington State Representative Matt Shea recently said:

“Anthony P Bosworth is going to appeal and also needs help paying the fine. If you want to donate (and thank you to the many that already have) to Anthony P Bosworth’s legal fund here is the snail mail address:”
PO BOX 3447
3514 main st
Yakima, WA 98903

Please consider assisting the Bosworths in their continued fight to preserve the rights and, as always, liberty for all.


For liberty.

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Aubrie’s Observations on Her Dad’s Sentencing

Anthony Bosworth’s sentencing was yesterday at 1:30, and by the grace of God he is home today. Before the judge gave his ruling on the sentience he told my father that by law he gets the last word. That he may say whatever he would like and can talk as long as he would like. He told him that my father has his ear.

Anthony said that by law he can not be (in) a federal building with a firearm, And there is no way that he could have known he was (on) the building at the time. That it was (and still) not posted on the plaza that there are no guns allowed. That whenever him and the patriots where at the court building the people inside the where probably safer with them here then they are without them.

He told the judge that the wrong dissension could upset the patriots. That this court may he heading down a dangerous road and that he hopes the judge will see that.

After my dad was done saying his piece the judge told my father that he was an honorable man who served his country and serves is family well, and that he has shown this court nothing but respect. He told him that he was a man that stood on principle and that every time he and the patriots stood at the plaza they did so in a nonthreatening way and safely.

The judge said that it would not matter if he gave Anthony a one dollar fine or a million dollar fine, nor any amount of time spent would teach a man anything who stands a principle. The judge said that he didn’t even want to rule it as time spent because he didn’t want that on dads record. He gave dad a 250$ fine that he could pay up front or do 25$ a month until it was paid and if he missed a payment there would be no late fees added.

Patriots if you stand on principle and with God what can they do?

God Bless,
Aubrie Bosworth – LFA 3%

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