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Who we are

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We are a citizen constitutional task force, composed of dedicated men and women, committed to preserving the promise of our founding principles for ourselves, our neighbors and future generations.

We are citizens, dedicated to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  We pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to each other, and to the preservation of liberty for all.

We are citizens, sharing a concern for the future of our nation and the inheritance of coming generations, acting in unison to preserve the legacy of our founding principles.

We are citizens, who recognize tyrannical forces at work in our society and government. We recognize the danger, clear and present, in the continuing encroachment of government influence into areas where it has been granted no authority.

We stand for liberty.  True liberty for all.

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Who we are not

We are not a militia.  We are citizen activists.

We are not right-wing radicals.  We are concerned citizens.

We are not “homegrown terrorists”.  We are Americans.

We are not lone wolves.  We act at the request of duly elected authority.

LFA Comand

Anthony Bosworth – LFA Command

Cope Reynolds – LFA Southern Commander

Graham Hunt – LFA Northern Commander

Robert "LaVoy" Finicum 1961 - 2016 Husband.  Father.  LFA brother. Your struggle will never be forgotten.
Robert “LaVoy” Finicum 1961 – 2016
Husband.  Father.  LFA brother.
Your struggle will never be forgotten.